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We are had our 60th Class Reunion September 8th to10th, 2023 - "Comin' Home '63" and it was a Tremendous Success!

Thanks to the 108 who came back to Lebo. Here is some feedback:

  • Thanks.  Great weekend.!!   So much effort, so well done.  Chuck Koepke
  • While we can never make up for missed years, this Reunion certainly reminded me of our very real high school friendships and relationships. Ira Dury
  • Thank you, Everyone was so welcoming and congenial that every moment was a pleasure. I wish I were closer, so I could be involved on a regular basis, but I will do what I can from a distance.Take care and pat yourselves on the back for your dedication to this wonderful event. Caryl Courtney Barnes 
  • No words to describe it.  I think the best reunion yet. Hal:  Please pass this message along to your committee.  I have a sense of how dedicated and talented that group was.  I think this Reunion was the “best” yet from my perspective, even though the aging process exempts none of us.  None of that success would have happened without the work of your Committee.  Their input and efforts propel this class to an essence that no one could have predicted in 1963.  I have said in public many times what I expressed in the Dedication Page of my Reunion Humor Book, to remember that “the tears of humor and the tears of grief come from the same eyes.”  On my return trip to Texas, I was consumed by recalling how Chuck and Ann Koepke handled the evening and the entire weekend (and indeed how they must be handling the new life that fate has dealt them).  I expect that the entire ballroom may have been filled with similar inspiration from the Koepkes and from other classmates.  And I hope that the hearts of every Committee Member swelled with pride for creating such a wonderful and impactful event.  All the best, Don Seymour.
  •  I want to time to thank you and the committee for a fabulous weekend. l thought everything was outstanding and couldn't have been better. Maybe because it might have been the last one or everything was perfect. I want to especially thank you for all your hard work and time you have put into over the years. I don't think we could of had a better person for the job.  Thanks again for everything. Bill Zimmerman 
  •  Wonderful weekend! Many thanks to all who helped organize and decorate. And a special shout out to DON SEYMOUR for sending us home with Sixty Year Smiles, a labor of love and laughter. Good thing we all had name tags! Jane Hammerschlag Bende 

We have the most generous Classmates of all time. Look at the number of donors we had to eliminate many of the fixed costs and allowed us to make it cost effective for all of us. A Big Thank You to these Classmates.


Want to see some photos from the events? Go to the Navigation Tabs, Click on 60th Friday or 60th Sat Nite and join in the fun! At the bottom of 60th Sat Nite make sure you also see that there are two "books" of additional pictures sincde we exceeded our normal limits!! if you have some more please send to halmorgans@gmail.com  and I will add them to the Library!!!