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Lebo Library

News of Mt Lebanon:  Drifted away from Lebo over the years? Reconnect and get in touch with What's Happening in your old hometown by following these links:

www.lebomag.com - Mt. Lebanon's official print community magazine also appears online. This is a informative and entertaining source for features and community news, including  Lebo events, current activies, community issues, human interest stories...It's the pulse of our  "community with character!"

www.lebohistory.org - The Historical Society of Mt Lebanon has all sorts of Lebo's history, displays, lecture series, and memorabilia. The society is renovating Dr. McMillian's former home/office across from Mellon school and would welcome tax-deductable donations in any amount. Larger donations can be considered for naming rights to rooms and displays, creating lasting memories for families and people from Mt Lebanon. 

http://lebomag.com/the-1950s/ - Nostalgic look at the '50s that we lived through and provided some great memories. 

 https://youtu.be/reTl4OeYBd0  check out some You tube video that shows Pittsburgh as Someplace Special

http://lebomag.com/mt-lebanon-60s/  - This is a look at the '60s from the perspecive of some of our '63 classmates that still meet every month for their Lovely Ladies of Lebo luncheon. Check it out as the great class of '63 represents the best Lebo has to offer.

https://youtu.be/JfyMD5xdseU  - Mt. Lebo's 100th Anniversary:

www.post-gazette.com - Local Pittsburgh newspaper for news, ball scores, obits, entertainment

Successful Authors from our Class of '63: We have some published authors, (and we probably have others) so, if you have published a book, please let us know and we will add it to these good reads;

Soupy Sales and the Detroit Experience, by Dr. Fran Shor - Fran is in the news again and thought some of the other Lebo folk might enjoy this article that just appeared in one of the local Detroit area newspapers. Fran has a new book that was something of a departure for him. Here's a link to the publisher's website where there's a good synopsis of the book: https://www.cambridgescholars.com/product/978-1-5275-7553-0

Passages of Rebellion, by Dr. Fran Shor - Fran's first novel follows the semi-autobiographical protagonist, Frank Goodman, in his antiwar and anti-draft activities during the turbulent years of 1967-1970. The novel, moving back and forth in time, explores his interactions with a wide variety of characters – from his fellow student protestors and draft resisters to his wife, Mary Browne, and a bombing suspect who accompanies Frank as he flees to Canada to escape capture for an abortive raid on a draft office. Here's the link for info:https://outskirtspress.com/passagesofrebellion

Untouchable, by Donald Seymour - A dad's touching memoir of his son and their mutual love for each other and  baseball. Can be ordered through Amazon. https://a.co/d/enZ8LaQ

The Dying Hour by Nancy A. Hughes -  This mystery can be ordered from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in (large) paperback or ebook. When Googling just be sure to include my middle initial, “A” as there are a plethora of Nancy Hughes authors out there. Easier—go to my website: hughescribe.com to read an excerpt. Also, find me on my publisher, Black Opal Books, website—blackopalbooks.com click on Authors tab.

The Innocent Hour, My Fifth novel by Nancy A. Hughes, has been published. It's the sequel to my debut novel, The Dying Hour, and not part of the Trust Trilogy. There's an excerpt on www.hughescribe.com

A Matter of Trust by Nancy A. Hughes -  This new mystery, whose protagonist I named after Kingsley (Lee) Briggs, has been launched. She's Kingsley Alderson Ward, known by her whole name or simply K, but never Lee. You can read an excerpt at www.hughescribe.com. Important! There's no similarity beyond the name. I enjoy naming characters after favorite people. Also, find me on my publisher, Black Opal Books, website—blackopalbooks.com click on Authors tab.

 Redeeming Trust by Nancy A. Hughes - Nancy released her third mystery novel, the second in a trilogy whose protagonist I named after our own Kingsley Briggs Eaton.  Click below to read the full article that appeared in the Sunday December 17 newspaper facing the best-seller list. http://www.readingeagle.com/life/article/spotlight-berks-author-releases-redeeming-trust 

Vanished: A Trust Mystery by Nancy A. Hughes - Nancy just announced the release of her new mystery novel, the third in a trilogy whose protagonist I named after our own Kingsley Briggs Eaton. You can read an excerpt at www.hughescribe.com.

Buried Trust: by Nancy A. Hughes - This is the fourth book in Nancy's Trust Series. You will love this as you have all the rest. You can read an excerpt at www.hughescribe.com.

 Emma Darwin: a Victorian Life, James D. Loy & Kent M. Loy - A biography of Emma Wedgwood Darwin, wife of Charles Darwin and mother of their ten children (seven of whom lived to adulthood). 

You have Slept out of your Place: A History of Women and Religion in America 1996, by Susan Hill Lindley - This book became THE textbook for many universities.