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Memory Lane

Looking for Old Photos

Have any group photos of 1963 classmates that you could share with us? Send us electronic .jpg files if you can, but paper copies are welcome as well.  If you send us paper copies, we will be very careful with them and return them in the same condition that we receive them! We would also appreciate as many names as you can supply with the pictures. 

Send all pictures to:



      Hal Morgans

  • 17 St Clair Dr        Pittsburgh, PA 15228       

       Or Email to     halmorgans@gmail.com

           How to change the size of pictures on your Profile page

The visible size of a picture on your Profile page is determined by pixel width. Any picture 685 or more pixels wide will fill the entire width of the screen. To put white space on either side of a picture, just decrease the pixel width. After uploading the picture, hover over the picture, click on "Adjust Photo" and select "Resize". There are many other picture editting options available as well.  Contact us if you can help. 

James W. Headley
1 Photo  6/26/21
Nancy Thompson Handler
1 Photo  6/13/19
Hal Morgans
2 Photos  3/9/17
Mary L. Peak Zurstadt
1 Photo  3/8/17
George F. (Rick) Hill
1 Photo  2/23/17